7:00 p.m.

-11:00 p.m., Sunday

Late news

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1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Late fringe


00 a.m., Monday through Friday

cable networks, superstations, and local cable system channels. Cable networks and channels have a dual revenue stream; they are supported by both subscriber fees and ad revenue. Cable operators also offer programming that is not supported by commercial sponsorship and is available only to households willing to pay a fee beyond the monthly subscription charge. These premium channels include HBO, Showtime, and The Movie Channel.

Cable TV broadens the program options available to the viewer as well as the advertiser by offering specialty channels, including all-news, pop music, country music, sports, weather, educational, and cultural channels as well as children's programming. Figure 11-5 shows the most popular cable channels along with the types of programming they carry. Many cable systems also carry superstations, independent

Figure 11-5 Major cable networks


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