4. Ego boosters. Telling prospects that an ad will appear in the media often makes the buyer feel she is important, and that she has inside information. Seeing the ad reinforces this.

5. Personal refreshers. Reviewing ad copy will often add ^ insights to the salesperson, or remind him of key points that can be useful in a presentation.

6. Clues to prospects' interests. Sometimes prospects call in reference to an ad. By reviewing the ad, the salesperson can gain insights into the benefits the potential cus- 12 tomer may be most interested in.

7. Prove a point. The printed word adds credibility to salespersons' verbal claims. One medium reinforces the other.

Nudge indecisive prospects. For indecisive prospects, a review of the ad campaign can often be the closer. If the ad is to include dealers' names, an additional benefit is offered, as the dealer may now directly benefit.

Create preference. Consistent advertising helps to build brand preference. Keeping customers and prospects aware of advertising creates favorable impressions of the company, the product or service and the salesperson.

Provide follow-ups. Sending a reprint of an ad after the sales presentation serves as a good reminder, and can be used to focus attention on key benefits offered in the ad and in the presentation. It also demonstrates concern on the part of the salesperson.

Fight lower-priced competitors. Ads can be used to show support and ward off low priced competitors. The salesperson can explain how the ad will help support the customer's own sales efforts and not have to get into price wars.

Getting the customer into the act. Asking the customer about the ads and getting his inputs helps cement relationships and provides valuable feedback to one's own organization. Often customers have ideas that may never have been thought of.

Source: Adapted from Ted Pollock, "12 ways to use your advertising to sell more," American Salesman, October 2002, pp. 10-15.

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