Related Products/Purchases Problem recognition can also be stimulated by the purchase of a product. For example, the purchase of a new camera may lead to the recognition of a need for accessories, such as additional lenses or a carrying case. The purchase of a personal computer may prompt the need for software programs, upgrades, printers, and so on.

Marketer-Induced Problem Recognition Another source of problem recognition is marketers' actions that encourage consumers not to be content with their current state or situation. Ads for personal hygiene products such as mouthwash, deodorant, and foot sprays may be designed to create insecurities that consumers can resolve through the use of these products. Marketers change fashions and clothing designs and create perceptions among consumers that their wardrobes are out of style. The Orajel ad in Exhibit 4-3 demonstrates the special needs of children's baby teeth to stimulate problem recognition.

Marketers also take advantage of consumers' tendency toward novelty-seeking behavior, which leads them to try different brands. Consumers often try new products or brands even when they are basically satisfied with their regular brand. Marketers encourage brand switching by introducing new brands into markets that are already saturated and by using advertising and sales promotion techniques such as free samples, introductory price offers, and coupons.

New Products Problem recognition can also occur when innovative products are introduced and brought to the attention of consumers. Marketers are constantly introducing new products and services and telling consumers about the types of problems they solve. For example, the Hidden Mind ad shown in Exhibit 4-4 introduces a new mobile technology that allows the businessperson to continue working with or without a connection to a mobile network.

Marketers' attempts to create problem recognition among consumers are not always successful. Consumers may not see a problem or need for the product the mar-

Exhibit 4-3 This ad for Baby Orajel shows that baby teeth have special needs Exhibit 4-4 Hidden Mind introduces active technology

Exhibit 4-3 This ad for Baby Orajel shows that baby teeth have special needs Exhibit 4-4 Hidden Mind introduces active technology

keter is selling. A main reason many consumers were initially reluctant to purchase personal computers was that they failed to see what problems owning one would solve. One way PC manufacturers successfully activated problem recognition was by stressing how a computer helps children improve their academic skills and do better in school.

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