for established brand trade support, 545 everyday low pricing (EDLP) and,

549-550 incentives, 546-547 for new product distribution, 544-545 objectives, 544-546 planograms, 551

point-of-purchase materials, 550-551 promotional allowances, 547 slotting allowances, 547-549, 742 targeted to reseller salespeople, 547 trade allowances, 547-550, 742 trade shows, 445, 551 types of, 546-554 Traffic department, 82 Transformational ads, 270-272 Transit advertising, 440-443 advantages/disadvantages, 442 audience measurement, 443 inside cards, 441 outside posters, 441 terminal posters, 441 Two-sided message, 181 Two-step approach, 471

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The Power Of The Entrepreneurs Mind

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