Exhibit 9-14 This ad demonstrates the benefits of Du Pont's Teflon Bakeware Liners

Exhibit 9-15 Apple's "Switch" campaign makes effective use of testimonials

life discussing why they switched from Windows-based machines to Macintoshes (Exhibit 9-15). The people giving the testimonials in the ads are from various walks of life, including a writer, publisher, programmer, and Windows network administrator, and were chosen from a group of some 10,000 former PC users who wrote the company to proclaim their love for Apple. As part of the campaign Apple created a website that includes testimonials from PC users who switched to Macs and provides more detailed information for those considering switching.

A related execution technique is the endorsement, where a well-known or respected individual such as a celebrity or expert in the product or service area speaks on behalf of the company or the brand. When endorsers promote a company or its products or services, the message is not necessarily based on their personal experiences.

Slice of Life A widely used advertising format, particularly for packaged-goods products, is the slice-of-life execution, which is generally based on a problem/solution approach. This type of ad portrays a problem or conflict that consumers might face in their daily lives. The ad then shows how the advertiser's product or service can resolve the problem.

Slice-of-life executions are often criticized for being unrealistic and irritating to watch because they are often used to remind consumers of problems of a personal nature, such as dandruff, bad breath, body odor, and laundry problems. Often these ads come across as contrived, silly, phony, or even offensive to consumers. However, many advertisers still prefer this style because they believe it is effective at presenting a situation to which most consumers can relate and at registering the product feature or benefit that helps sell the brand.

For many years, Procter & Gamble was known for its reliance on slice-of-life advertising executions. In 1980, two-thirds of the company's com-

Belch: Advertising and Promotion, Sixth Edition

V. Developing the Integrated Marketing Communications Program

9. Creative Strategy: Implementation and Evaluation

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Exhibit 9-16 AT&T uses a slice-of-life execution to advertise its wireless services

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