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Exhibit 3-11 iDeutsch developed the website and various online promotions for its California Cheese account interactive media. They feel these companies have more expertise in designing and developing websites as well as managing and supporting them. Interactive agencies range from smaller companies that specialize in website design and creation to fullservice interactive agencies that provide all the elements needed for a successful Internet/interactive marketing program. These services include strategic consulting regarding the use of the Internet and online branding, technical knowledge, systems integration, and the development of electronic commerce capabilities.

Full-service interactive agencies, such as AGENCY.COM, have created successful Internet marketing programs for a number of companies, including Nike, MetLife, Ford Motor Company, McDonald's, and British Airways. For example, AGENCY.COM developed the website and various online promotions that support the new global brand positioning strategy for British Airways. As the Internet becomes an increasingly important marketing tool, more companies will be turning to interactive agencies to help them develop successful interactive marketing programs. The number of interactive agencies will continue to grow, as will their importance in the development and implementation of Internet-based strategies and initiatives.

Collateral Services The final participants in the promotional process are those that provide vari-v^ W11CJ L CI CJ I CI V IV/ C o n , i T. • i j i i i ous collateral services. They include marketing research companies, package design firms, consultants, photographers, printers, video production houses, and event marketing services companies.

Exhibit 3-11 iDeutsch developed the website and various online promotions for its California Cheese account

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