station KCBQ during the weekday morning daypart is 26,300. Cume estimates the reach potential of a radio station.

The average quarter-hour rating (AQH RTG) expresses the estimated number of listeners as a percentage of the survey area population. The average quarter-hour share (AQH SHR) is the percentage of the total listening audience tuned to each station. It shows the share of listeners each station captures out of the total listening audience in the survey area. The average quarter-hour rating of station KCBQ during the weekday 6 to 10 a.m. daypart is 0.2, while the average quarter-hour share is 0.8.

Arbitron is conducting market trials of its portable people meter (PPM) device, which was discussed earlier in the chapter, for use in measuring radio audiences. The radio industry and advertisers have always had concerns over the use of Arbitron's diary method. Many view the new PPM technology as a more valid audience measurement system.48

Arbitron also recently began measuring listenership to webcasts. Arbitron Webcast Ratings is an audience measurement service that measures Internet audio and video tuning across all webcasting sources. However, this service is still in a pilot testing phase.49 Arbitron's research has found that 30 percent of online users have listened to Internet radio stations and the number continues to grow. This will make the measurement of radio listening over the Internet a very important area in the future.

RADAR Another rating service that is now owned by Arbitron is RADAR (Radio's All-Dimension Audience Research) studies, which are sponsored by the major radio networks. Audience estimates are collected twice a year on the basis of 12,000 daily telephone interviews covering seven days of radio listening behavior. Each listener is called daily for a week and asked about radio usage from the day before until that moment. RADAR provides network audience measures, along with estimates of audience and various segments. The audience estimates are time-period measurements for the various dayparts. RADAR also provides estimates of network audiences for all commercials and commercials within various programs.

As with TV, media planners must use the audience measurement information to evaluate the value of various radio stations in reaching the advertiser's target audience and their relative cost. The media buyer responsible for the purchase of radio time works with information on target audience coverage, rates, time schedules, and availability to optimize the advertiser's radio media budget.

Target Audience, Persons 18-49

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