Figure 13-12 In-flight media reach a desirable target audience

Figure 13-12 In-flight media reach a desirable target audience

4. Segmentation capabilities. In-flight allows the advertiser to reach specific demographic groups, as well as travelers to a specific destination. For example, Martell cognac targeted only first-class passengers on JAL's New York to Tokyo route. American Airlines' Celebrated Living readers have a median income of $174,500, with 42 percent having a net worth of more than $1 million.52

Disadvantages of in-flight advertising include the following:

1. Irritation. Many consumers are not pleased with the idea of ads in general and believe they are already too intrusive. In-flight commercials are just one more place, they think, where advertisers are intruding.

2. Limited availability. Many airlines limit the amount of time they allow for in-flight commercials. Japan Air Lines, for example, allows a mere 220 seconds per flight.

3. Lack of attention. Many passengers may decide to tune out the ads, not purchase the headsets required to get the volume, or simply ignore the commercials.

4. Wearout. Given projections for significant increases in the number of in-flight ads being shown, airline passengers may soon be inundated by these commercials.

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