Direct marketing—Cont. teleshopping, 477, 501 two-step approach, 471 Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 469,

471, 572, 743, 744 Direct selling, 478-480, 743-744 Direct Selling Association, 743-744 Direct source, 168 Directional medium, 446-447 Direct-response advertising, 20, 201, 475 Direct-response agencies, 94 Direct-response media, 463 Disassociative reference groups, 129 Display advertising, 416 Dissatisfaction postpurchase, 121, 151 problem recognition and, 107 Dissonance/attribution model, 150, 151-152 Distribution channels, 62 Diverting, 549 Domain name, 487 Door-to-door sampling, 527 Dramatization, 281-282 Duplicated reach, 318 Dyadic communication, 599

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