identification (6) The process by which an attractive source influences a message recipient. Identification occurs when the receiver is motivated to seek some type of relationship with the source and adopt a similar position in terms of beliefs, attitudes, preferences, or behavior. image advertising (8) Advertising that creates an identity for a product or service by emphasizing psychological meaning or symbolic association with certain values, lifestyles, and the like. image transfer (11) A radio advertising technique whereby the images of a television commercial are implanted into a radio spot.

incentive-based system (3) A form of compensation whereby an advertising agency's compensation level depends on how well it meets predetermined performance goals such as sales or market share.

index numbers (10) A ratio used to describe the potential of a market. The index number is derived by dividing the percentage of users in a market segment by the percentage of population in the same segment and multiplying by 100. indirect channels (2) A marketing channel where intermediaries such as wholesalers and retailers are utilized to make a product available to the customer. indirect headlines (9) Headlines that are not straightforward with respect to identifying a product or service or providing information regarding the point of an advertising message. in-flight advertising (13) A variety of advertising media targeting air travelers while they are in flight. infomercials (11, 14) Television commercials that are very long, ranging from several minutes to an hour. Infomercials are designed to provide consumers with detailed information about a product or service. information processing model (5) A model of advertising effects developed by William McGuire that views the receiver of a message as an information processor and problem solver. The model views the receiver as passing through a response hierarchy that includes a series of stages including message presentation, attention, comprehension, acceptance or yielding, retention, and behavior. informational/rational appeals (9) Advertising appeals that focus on the practical, functional, or utilitarian need for a product or service and emphasize features, benefits, or reasons for owning or using the brand. ingredient sponsored cooperative advertising (16) Advertising supported by raw material manufacturers with the objective being to help establish end products that include materials and/or ingredients supplied by the company. inherent drama (8) An approach to advertising that focuses on the benefits or characteristics that lead a consumer to purchase a product or service and uses dramatic elements to emphasize them.

in-house agency (3) An advertising agency set up, owned, and operated by an advertiser that is responsible for planning and executing the company's advertising program.

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