halo effect (19) The tendency for evaluations of one attribute or aspect of a stimulus to distort reactions to its other attributes or properties.

headline (9) Words in the leading position of the advertisement; the words that will be read first or are positioned to draw the most attention.

hemisphere lateralization (19) The notion that the human brain has two relatively distinct halves or hemispheres with each being responsible for a specific type of function. The right side is responsible for visual processing while the left side conducts verbal processing. heuristics (4) Simplified or basic decision rules that can be used by a consumer to make a purchase choice, such as buy the cheapest brand.

hierarchy of effects model (5) A model of the process by which advertising works that assumes a consumer must pass through a sequence of steps from initial awareness to eventual action. The stages include awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption.

hierarchy of needs (4) Abraham Maslow's theory that human needs are arranged in an order or hierarchy based on their importance. The need hierarchy includes physiological, safety, social/love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization needs.

hit (15) Each time a server sends a file to a browser it is recorded as a "hit." Hits are used to measure the traffic on a website. horizontal cooperative advertising (16) A cooperative advertising arrangement where advertising is sponsored in common by a group of retailers or other organizations providing products or services to a market. households using television (HUT) (11) The percentage of homes in a given area that are watching television during a specific time period.

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