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While the pros and cons of global marketing and advertising continue to be debated, many companies are taking an in-between approach by standardizing their products and basic marketing strategy but localizing their advertising messages. This approach recognizes similar desires, goals, needs, and uses for products and services but tailors advertising to the local cultures and conditions in each market. Some agencies call this approach "Think globally, act locally." Grey Advertising describes it as "global vision with a local touch."67

Although some marketers use global ads with little or no modification, most companies adapt their messages to respond to differences in language, market conditions, and other factors. Many global marketers use a strategy called pattern advertising; their ads follow a basic approach, but themes, copy, and sometimes even visual elements are adapted to differences in local markets. For example, Unilever's Dove soap uses the same basic advertising and positioning theme globally, but models from Australia, France, Germany, and Italy are used to appeal to women in those countries. The TaylorMade Golf Company uses pattern advertising to promote its golf clubs in different countries. Exhibit 20-11 shows ads for the company's R500 driver used in the United States and Germany.

Another way global marketers adapt their campaigns to local markets is by producing a variety of ads with a similar theme and format and allowing managers in various countries or regions to select those messages they believe will work best in their markets. Some companies are also giving local managers more autonomy in adapting

Exhibit 20-11

TaylorMade uses pattern advertising to promote its golf clubs in various countries

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Golf Can Be An Easy Game

Golf Can Be An Easy Game

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