game (16) A promotion that is a form of sweepstakes because it has a chance element or odds of winning associated with it. Games usually involve game card devices that can be rubbed or opened to unveil a winning number or prize description. gatefolds (12) An oversize magazine page or cover that is extended and folded over to fit into the publication. Gatefolds are used to extend the size of a magazine advertisement and are always sold at a premium. general preplanning input (8) Information gathering and/or market research studies on trends, developments, and happenings in the marketplace that can be used to assist in the initial stages of the creative process of advertising. geographical weighting (10) A media scheduling strategy where certain geographic areas or regions are allocated higher levels of advertising because they have greater sales potential. geographic segmentation (2) A method of segmenting a market on the basis of different geographic units or areas. global advertising (20) The use of the same basic advertising message in all international markets. global marketing (20) A strategy of using a common marketing plan and program for all countries in which a company operates, thus selling the product or services the same way everywhere in the world. green marketing (22) The marketing and promotion of products on the basis of environmental sensitivity. gross ratings points (GRPs) (10) A measure that represents the total delivery or weight of a media schedule during a specified time period. GRPs are calculated by multiplying the reach of the media schedule by the average frequency. group system (3) The organization of an advertising agency by dividing it into groups consisting of specialists from various departments such as creative, media, marketing services, and other areas. These groups work together to service particular accounts.

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