Factual message advertising, 275-277 Failure fees, 549 Fame Index, 178-179 Family decision making, 129-130 Fantasy appeals, 281 Favorable price appeals, 268 FCB planning model, 154-155 Fear appeals, 184-185 Feature appeals, 268 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 440, 539

Federal Communications Commission (FCC),

115, 361, 382, 711, 734-735 Federal regulation background on, 723

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

(BATF), 738 current status of, 733-734 Fairness Doctrine, 734 FCC; see Federal Communications Commission (FCC) FDA (Food and Drug Administration), 268,

711, 735-738 First Amendment and, 722-723, 732-733 FTC; see Federal Trade Commission

(FTC) Lanham Act, 738-739 Postal Service; see U.S. Postal Service prescription drug advertising, 737-738 Supreme Court; see U.S. Supreme Court Federal Trade Commission Act, 723 Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 711,

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