Discussion Questions

1. Describe the three methods of promotional scheduling. Give examples of products and/or services that might employ each method.

2. The text notes that one problem in media planning is that ratings information is gathered during sweeps periods. Explain what sweeps periods are, and why this might pose a problem.

3. Figure 10-30 notes some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with various media options. Referring to Figure 10-30, provide examples of products and/or services that might most benefit from the use of each medium.

4. Describe what is meant by waste coverage.The decision must often be made between waste coverage and undercoverage. Give examples when the marketer might have to choose between the two, and when it may be acceptable to live with waste coverage.

5. Figure 10-4 provides a profile of the cola user. Using the indices, describe the profile of the cola user. Now describe the profile of the heavy cola user.

6. The text lists both internal and external factors that might impact the media strategy. Provide examples of each and discuss how they might impact the media plan.

7. Using the BDI and CDI indices, explain the least desirable market situation for marketers. Provide an example.Then do the same for the most desirable situation.

8. Discuss the role of optimizers in media planning.

9. Media planning involves a tradeoff between reach and frequency. Explain what this means and give examples of when reach should be emphasized over frequency and vice versa.

10. One long-time advertising agency executive noted that buying media is both an art and a science, with a leaning toward art. Explain what this means and provide examples.


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  • gloriana
    What is waste coverage and undercoverage in media planning and strategy?
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