Cost per thousand for a site.

Domain name

The unique name of an Internet site. There are six domains widely used in the U.S.: .com (commercial), .edu (education), .net (network operations), .gov (U.S. government), .mil (U.S. military), and .org (organization).

Additional two letter domains specify a country, for example, .sp for Spain.


Each instance in which a server sends a file to a browser. Hits are used to measure the traffic on a site.


An advertisement that appears in a window on your screen while you are waiting for a Web page to load.


An electronic connection between two websites.


List of Internet users who have voluntarily signed up to receive commercial e-mail about topics of interest.

Page views

Number of times a user requests a page that contains a particular ad; used to indicate the number of times an ad was potentially seen, or "gross impressions."

Rich media

Advanced technology used in Internet ads, such as streaming video, which allows interaction and special effects.


The sponsoring of a site's content by an advertiser.

Unique users

Number of different individuals who visit a site within a specific time period.

Valid hits

Number of hits that deliver all the information to a user (excludes error messages, redirects, etc.)


A sequence of requests made by one user at one site.

Figure 15-3 Internet users worldwide, by region, 2000-2004 (in millions)


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