Characteristics of Objectives

A second major contribution of DAGMAR to the advertising planning process was its definition of what constitutes a good objective. Colley argued that advertising objectives should be stated in terms of concrete and measurable communications tasks, specify a target audience, indicate a benchmark starting point and the degree of change sought, and specify a time period for accomplishing the objective(s).

Concrete, Measurable Tasks The communications task specified in the objective should be a precise statement of what appeal or message the advertiser wants to communicate to the target audience. Advertisers generally use a copy platform to describe their basic message. The objective or copy platform statement should be specific and clear enough to guide the creative specialists who develop the advertising message. For example, Foster's Beer, after a successful introduction, saw sales decline significantly. Knowing that to reverse the downward trend something significant had to be done, Fosters developed an entirely new positioning campaign with the following objectives:

• Strengthen the brand's image

• Maximize brand presence

• Broaden the market base beyond traditional import beer drinkers

• Increase sales

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Promotion, Sixth Edition Budgeting for Integrated and Budgeting for the Companies, 2003

Marketing Promotional Program Communications Programs

Exhibit 7-8 Foster's Beer delivers a very successful new campaign

Using a variety of tools including billboards, videos, point-of-sale promotions, and spot television (Exhibit 7-8), the program doubled its unaided awareness scores, tripled trial, and increased brand awareness by 40 percent. In addition, beer sales doubled in test markets, and overall beer sales increased by 12.1 percent in the first year of the campaign.16

According to DAGMAR, the objective must also be measurable. There must be a way to determine whether the intended message has been communicated properly. For example Midwest Express measured its communications objective by asking airline travelers whether they thought Midwest's airfares were higher than those of competing airlines.

Target Audience Another important characteristic of good objectives is a well-defined target audience. The primary target audience for a company's product or service is described in the situation analysis. It may be based on descriptive variables such as geography, demographics, and psychographics (on which advertising media selection decisions are based) as well as on behavioral variables such as usage rate or benefits sought. Figure 7-6 demonstrates the objective-setting process involved in the launch of the new Subaru Outback. Notice how specifically the target audience was defined.


Budget: Media:

Target Market: Male, 35-55, married, household income $55,000+, active lifestyle

Positioning: Carlike qualities without sacrificing SUV qualities

Convince SUV buyers to consider the Outback rather than SUV under consideration; generate high awareness, generate high numbers of showroom visits, avoid discounts, generate high sales volume, attract at least 50% of sales from those intending to buy Ford, Chevy, or Jeep

$17 million


TV: Prime-time programs, local news and sports

Cable TV: National Geographic Explorer, Discovery, Learning Channel

Print: Backpacker, Outside, National Geographic, Smithsonian

Support Media: Outdoor and POP

Public Relations: Press kits and PR campaign

Direct Marketing: Prospective buyers; dealers

Results: Recall increased from 33 to 38% in first 60 days; 50% by completion of campaign

Dealer traffic increased by 15 to 20%

Sales were highest in 9 years—four times projections; 55% from nonSubaru owners; top three models traded in: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer, Chevy Blazer

Figure 7-6 Subaru Outback Objective Setting

Figure 7-6 Subaru Outback Objective Setting

Belch: Advertising and I IV. Objectives and I 7. Establishing Objectives I I © The McGraw-Hill

Promotion, Sixth Edition Budgeting for Integrated and Budgeting for the Companies, 2003

Marketing Promotional Program Communications Programs

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