ANNCR: All across America people are taking the Pepsi Challenge. In California here's what they are saying.

TRACY KUERBIS: Pepsi really is the better drink.

DAVE JOHNSON: I've proven to myself now that I like Pepsi better.

ANNCR: Nationwide more people prefer the taste of Pepsi over Coca-Cola.

CHERIE BOOTH: I think today's test was very honest.

DAVE: Pepsi has a better product and that's probably why they are running a test like this because it's obvious how many people over here have picked Pepsi.

SUZANNE MACK: Being able to compare the two, I'd pick Pepsi.

CHERIE: If someone offered me either or, I choose the Pepsi.

ANNCR: What will you say? Take the Pepsi Challenge and find out.

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