balance-of-trade deficit (20) A situation where the monetary value of a country's imports exceeds its exports. banner (15) An ad on a Web page that may be "hot-linked" to the advertiser's site. barrier to entry (22) Conditions that make it difficult for a firm to enter the market in a particular industry, such as high advertising budgets.

barter syndication (11) The offering of television programs to local stations free or at a reduced rate but with some of the advertising time presold to national advertisers. The remaining advertising time can be sold to local advertisers. behavioristic segmentation (2) A method of segmenting a market by dividing customers into groups based on their usage, loyalties, or buying responses to a product or service. benchmark measures (7) Measures of a target audience's status concerning response hierarchy variables such as awareness, knowledge, image, attitudes, preferences, intentions, or behavior. These measures are taken at the beginning of an advertising or promotional campaign to determine the degree to which a target audience must be changed or moved by a promotional campaign. benefit segmentation (2) A method of segmenting markets on the basis of the major benefits consumers seek in a product or service.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) (21) An organization established and funded by businesses that operates primarily at the local level to monitor activities of companies and promote fair advertising and selling practices.

big idea (8) A unique or creative idea for an advertisement or campaign that attracts consumers' attention, gets a reaction, and sets the advertiser's product or service apart from the competition.

billings (3) The amount of client money agencies spend on media purchases and other equivalent activities. Billings are often used as a way of measuring the size of advertising agencies.

bleed pages (12) Magazine advertisements where the printed area extends to the edge of the page, eliminating any white margin or border around the ad. body copy (9) The main text portion of a print ad. Also often referred to as copy. bonus packs (16) Special packaging that provides consumers with extra quantity of merchandise at no extra charge over the regular price.

bounce-back coupon (16) A coupon offer made to consumers as an inducement to repurchase the brand. brand development index (BDI) (10) An index that is calculated by taking the percentage of a brand's total sales that occur in a given market as compared to the percentage of the total population in the market. brand equity (2) The intangible asset of added value or goodwill that results from the favorable image, impressions of differentiation, and/or the strength of consumer attachment of a company name, brand name, or trademark. brand loyalty (4) Preference by a consumer for a particular brand that results in continual purchase of it. brand manager (3) The person responsible for the planning, implementation, and control of the marketing program for an individual brand. broadcast media (12) Media that use the airwaves to transmit their signal and programming. Radio and television are examples of broadcast media. build-up approach (7) A method of determining the budget for advertising and promotion by determining the specific tasks that have to be performed and estimating the costs of performing them. See objective and task method. Burke Test (19) A method of posttesting television commercials using a day-after recall test (now known as Ipsos-ASI Recall Test).

business-to-business advertising (19) Advertising used by one business to promote the products and/or services it sells to another business. buying center (5) A committee or group of individuals in an organization who are responsible for evaluating products and services and making purchase decisions.

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Advertising With Circulars

Advertising With Circulars

Co-op Mailing means that two or more businesses share in the cost and distribution of a direct mail campaign. It's kind of like having you and another non-competing business split the cost of printing, assembling and mailing an advertising flyer to a shared same market base.

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