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Once the specific advertising appeal that will be used as the basis for the advertising message has been determined, the creative specialist or team begins its execution. Creative execution is the way an advertising appeal is presented. While it is obviously important for an ad to have a meaningful appeal or message to communicate to the consumer, the manner in which the ad is executed is also important.

One of the best-known advocates of the importance of creative execution in advertising was William Bernbach, founder of the Doyle Dane Bernbach agency. In his famous book on the advertising industry, Madison Avenue, Martin Mayer notes Bern-bach's reply to David Ogilvy's rule for copywriters that "what you say in advertising is more important than how you say it." Bernbach replied, "Execution can become content, it can be just as important as what you say. A sick guy can utter some words and nothing happens; a healthy vital guy says them and they rock the world."17 Bernbach was one of the revolutionaries of his time who changed advertising creativity on a fundamental level by redefining how headlines and visuals were used, how art directors and copywriters worked together, and how advertising could be used to arouse feelings and emotions. IMC Perspective 9-2 discusses how many in advertising thought the dot-com ad boom that occurred a few years ago would drive a new creative revolution in advertising.

An advertising message can be presented or executed in numerous ways:

Animation Personality symbol Fantasy Dramatization Humor Combinations

Exhibit 9-11 Porsche used teaser ads to create interest in the new Cayenne SUV

Exhibit 9-12 Castrol uses a straight-sell execution style in this ad

• Straight sell or factual message

• Scientific/technical evidence

• Demonstration

• Comparison

• Testimonial

We now examine these formats and considerations involved in their use.

Straight Sell or Factual Message One of the most basic types of creative executions is the straight sell or factual message. This type of ad relies on a straightforward presentation of information concerning the product or service. This execution is often used with informational/rational appeals, where the focus of the message is the product or service and its specific attributes and/or benefits.

Straight-sell executions are commonly used in print ads. A picture of the product or service occupies part of the ad, and the factual copy takes up the rest of the space. (See the ad for Castrol Syntec motor oil in Exhibit 9-12.)

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