Advertising on the Internet Like broadcast or print, the Internet is an advertising medium. Companies and organizations working to promote their products and services must consider this medium as they would television, magazines, outdoor, and so on. Advertising on the Internet employs a variety of forms, as shown in Figure 15-7.

Banners The most common form of advertising on the Web is banner ads. Banner ads may be used for creating awareness or recognition or for direct-marketing objectives. Banner ads may take on a variety of forms, as shown in Exhibit 15-8, as well as a number of names such as side panels, skyscrapers, or verticals. Initially banner ads constituted the vast majority of advertising on the Net, but studies indicating their questionable effectiveness have led to a decline in usage. Reports on click-through rates vary, but most studies indicate a less than 1 percent response rate.12 A few studies have shown an increase in response rates in recent years. These findings may lead to increased use of this method of advertising in the future.13

Sponsorships Another common form of advertising is sponsorships. There are two types of sponsorships. Regular sponsorships occur when a company pays to sponsor a section of a site, for example, Clairol's sponsorship of a page on and Intuit's Turbo Tax sponsorship of a page on Netscape's financial section. A more involved agreement is the content sponsorship, in which the sponsor not only provides dollars in return for name association but participates in providing the content itself. In some cases, the site is responsible for providing content and having it approved by the sponsor; in other instances, the sponsor may contribute all or part of the content. Due in part to the lack of effectiveness of banner ads, sponsorships have been increasing in popularity. Notice the number of partners on the iVillage site in Exhibit 15-9—each of which provides content.

Pop-Ups/Pop-Unders When you access the Internet, have you ever seen a small window appear on Netscape advertising AOL's "Instant Messenger"? Such windows

Exhibit 15-9 El

¡Village has numerous Internet partners

¡Village has numerous Internet partners

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V. Developing the Integrated Marketing Communications Program

15. The Internet and Interactive Media

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