Advantages and Disadvantages of Promotional Products Marketing

Like any other advertising medium, promotional products marketing offers the marketer both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include the following:

1. Selectivity. Because specialty advertising items are generally distributed directly to target customers, the medium offers a high degree of selectivity. The communication is distributed to the desired recipient, reducing waste coverage.

2. Flexibility. As the variety of specialty items in Figure 13-7 demonstrates, this medium offers a high degree of flexibility. A message as simple as a logo or as long as is necessary can be distributed through a number of means. Both small and large companies can employ this medium, limited only by their own creativity.

3. Frequency. Most forms of specialty advertising are designed for retention. Key chains, calendars, and pens remain with the potential customer

Exhibit 13-10

Promotional products can be a valuable contributor to the IMC program

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