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Client: Scan Turbo

Bremerhaven, Germany

Agency: Braue: Branding & Corporate Design

Bremerhaven. Germany

The Challenge

Scan Turbo, of Bremerhaven. Germany, specializes in ship turbocharger engineering and maintenance. With customers all over Europe, overseas and—literally— on the seas, the company's brand crosses multiple cultures In an industry that's known lor a lack ol branding and identity design. Braue's challenge was to visualize the speed and dynamic ol Scan Turbo's core competency and bring it up out of the crowd without distancing it from its clients.

Scan Turbo's business cards reflect the personas employed by German technology companies rather than the I980s-styte imagery used by the rest of the turbo industry.

The luture ol turbo engineering. strength, and energy are the messages addressed throughout Scan Turbo's identity program.

The Process

First. Braue defined what turbo engineering is about: technology at the highest level and the power of turbo engines. This became the team's visual goal. Then they began scouting to see it others had succeeded in visually defining the concept. Their research online and in special-Merest magazines and trade publications revealed a predominance of 1980s-style identities. The Braue team eschewed this industry trend, studying instead major German technology companies like Siemens. Here, they found designs that reflected the present and luture of turbo engineering rather than its past.

The Result

Scan Turbo's corporate redesign was extremely well received by its clients and within the industry. The client loves the new corporate look, as it represents Ihe company's growth in recent years. Braue incorporated abstract visuals of speed and flow on printed materials to lurther reinlorce the brand's core message. The website cleverly incorporates a turbo stream sound element in the design.

Scan Turbo's business cards reflect the personas employed by German technology companies rather than the I980s-styte imagery used by the rest of the turbo industry.

The luture ol turbo engineering. strength, and energy are the messages addressed throughout Scan Turbo's identity program.


Air France's On A>r service premises young, style-ccn-scious, high-end passengers luxurious comfort during flight without conflicting with or overpowering the Air France brand.

Air France

Paris. France

Desgrippes Gobé Group

New York. New York, USA

The Challenge

Air France is a well-documented pioneer and leader in Ihe global travel industry. One ol only two airlines to commission and fly passengers across the Atlantic aboard the supersonic Concorde, Air France was the first Western carrier to offer regular llighls 1o Beijing, China, in the 1960s. The airline was also the first to olfer nonsmoking flights.

The airline planned the year-and-a-half-long launch of its new On Air service, which features i'Espaco Premiere and l'Espace Affaires cabins and lounges—the ultimate in comlort and design. The rollout program included presentations to a worldwide network of hotel partners and consumers.

One ol the airline's main objectives was to develop a strong visual subbrand that would not overpower the existing Air France identity but would still speak to a younger, style-conscious, high-end target audience.

The Process

The Desgrippes Gobé Group design team developed an emotion-driven design strategy that defined the visceral attributes necessary to connect the passenger to the program: sleek, modern, stylish, comfortable, and elegant. The focal point is ari iconic line drawing of a modern seat promising luxurious comfort during flight. Air France's signature red is coupled with a distinctive warm gray that complements the airline's blue, white, and red color scheme.

The Result

Due for launch in the summer of 2004, On Air's mark has received many kudos from Air France executives and focus groups.

The fluid lines o t the On Air identity are branded on amenities such as Air France's pillows, blankets, promotional items, and cfimerware



A global alliance ol airlines including Air France. Czech Avtvtes. Aerotvfexico. Alitalia, Korean Air, and Dolta Airlines, SkyTeam's identity expresses the harmony and luxury service the partnership otters frequent business travelers

Sky Team

Paris, France

Desgrippes Gobe Group

New York, New York, USA

The Challenge

Too many cooks are apl spoil the broth. So, when a single brand identity needs lo encompass the core messages and desires ot six member airlines, it takes the objective eye ol a well-seasoned design team to maintain the integrity of the finished product. SkyTeam is a global alliance of airlines including Air France, Czech Airlines. AcroMexico. Alitalia. Korean Air. and Delta Airlines. The partnership offers frequent business travelers access to a network of 500 destinations in 110 countries via 7,865 daily flights Besides ease in making guaranteed reservations and connections, SkyTeam also offers service enhancements such as increased access to airport lounges and priority check-in.

The Process

To satisfy all ol the partners' ideas and core messages, the Desgrippes Gobe design team developed a logo based on three central ideas: universality, distinctiveness. and shared values. The ribbon molif is a universal designation of quality and sophistication. The team employed a stylized version ol this element that implies luxury spanning the world. The elegant shape ol the cenlral icon and supporting type treatmenl conveys an air of elegance and distinctiveness. The tagline "Caring more about you" reinforces SkyTeam's commilmont lo instill trust in its patrons and to provide the highest-quality service.

The Result

The carefully conceived new brand has received major exposure and positive commentary since it appeared in a series of television spots.

Sky Team's elegant logo brands promotional items used in the upscale airttne lounges such as the ones pictured here.

Sky Team's elegant logo brands promotional items used in the upscale airttne lounges such as the ones pictured here.

Chapter Eleven:

Cl r"

dk vandyAre

7o reacft iftefr aLKfonce. the Frontline team invented Mister '/an Dyke. A mid-twentieth ■ century advertising persona, he quickly became the logo's key visual.

Beyonq its use to brand packaging, the Mister Van Oyke logo demonstrates intrinsic and extrinsic value of its own vihen used as a printed clothing pattern.

Youth and Sports Market

Client: Frontline, GmbH

Münster, Germany

Agency: H2D2, Office for Visual Communication

Frankfurt. Germany

The Challenge

The current youth market is visually jaded. The target of innumerable products and services as well as visual competition from print, broadcast. Web, and video, this audience has an expendable income that far exceeds thai ol previous generations. But just like earlier youth market groups, the current generation needs lo identify wilh the products and services it purchases. Each consumer must feel that he or she is making a wholly personal statement with each purchase. Van Dyke is a new StreetFashion brand created by Frontline and geared to consumers ages 18 to 30. The H2D2 design team was contracted to develop an identity that would resonate with this highly demanding target group.

The Process

The H2D2 team took two different routes belore achieving the desired visual result. Van Dyke is a Dutch surname. The word van means "from" and was a familiar mark of noble lineage lor many centuries in the Netherlands, The team initially developed a modernized coat ol arms with a heraldry that evoked a traditional appearance, but the result didn'1 resonate with the intended audience when tested. The team then chose to invent a fictional person. Mister Van Dyke, a mid-twentieth-century advertising persona, became the logo's key visual. A solid and contemporary black and earth-tone palette was selected to reinforce the stylistic simplicity the target youth market enjoys.

The Result

The van Dyke logo was applied to textile patterns, labeling, advertising, and promotional materials, including shopping bags and hang tags. Although there was limited time to produce the completed brand, the client was absolutely convinced and enthusiastic about the final design solution. The van Dyke brand will come to market in early 2004.

Youth ana sports Miirnei


To cn\He the Mullet logo and packaging, the Modern Dog team s<udied 1970s era advertising and shampoo bottles—then set out to iampoon them

Blue O

Pittsfield. Massachusetts. USA

Agency: Modern Dog Design Company

Seattle. Washington. USA

The Challenge

In the S90 billion beauty products market, many brands stand out lor their purity, natural ingredients, and promises ol luxurious experiences. One stands out for its wry humor, reminiscent of Cracked magazine's product parodies. II a sense of humor is. as author Edward de Bono claims, "the highest form of intelligence." then Blue 0 must be the smartest company in the beauty business. Blue Q produces a line of high-quality bath and body products in edgy, humorous packaging. with names like Wash Away Your Sins. Miso Pretty. Virgin/Slut, Dirty Girl. Total Bitch, and Tainted Love.

Modern Dog had previously worked on Voodoo. Bubble Monkey, and Mr. Pit Stop In the current line, they also designed Who Da Man? and Mother Theresa. Now. Modern Dog had to fit identities for Mofo and Mullet into this unique line.

The Process

For the Mullet brand. Blue Q wanted a visual cross between a 1970s shampoo bottle and a car cleaner/wax logo. Modern Dog's design team studied shampoo bottles and advertising from Iho 1970s, then began sketching. A long-term personal desire to poke lun at commercial packaging spurred them on, and they lust continued sketching until they hit the ideal design.

The primary influence on Mofo was the 1970s Superlly movie poster and album cover typography. The design team assessed and improved the brand's street credibility by studying hip-hop culture and graffiti. In the process, they generated all of the packaging copy, which fell like a natural extension of creating the logo.

The Result

Mitch Nash, cofounder of Blue O, says Modern Dog is continually "dumbing down" the company's products—high praise under the circumstances. The Mullet logo has been used on soap packaging, postcards, and website icons. II also appears on products including shampoo, body/car wash, and lip balm. Nash adds. "We just came back from Mexico City and saw the products there too. So the logo has worked cross-culturally."

Modern tvp-hop ad and graffiti wero melded v/ith 1970s art—parroXany the Supertly posters and album cover—io create the distinctive Moto brand.

Client: Burton Snowboards

Burlington, Vermont, USA

Agency: Staple Design

New York, New York, USA; and Tokyo, Japan

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