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To reflect its growth and maturity as a broadcast content provider, MPR called in Desgrippes Gobé Group to refresh its identity. Besides facing the challenge of visually communicating the concepts of radio and sound, the design team had to work with a lengthy name and the need for the identity to work in conjunction with various radio call numbers.

The Process

The Desgrippes Gobé team explored radio's visual territory as "a fertile refuge"— a private, emotional place in which a listener can learn and reflect. The team also explored the root of all meaningful communication and connection—people. Expanding ripples made by a raindrop as it gently touches the surface of placid water was the image that resonated through numerous sketches. The blue and gold color palette and clean typographic treatment add accessibility to the design.

Though MP ft's old black-and-white logo was lunctional, over time, refreshment seemed desirable.


The Result

The tinished identity is a distinctive and highly effective portrayal of impact. The client was extremely pleased and has applied it to a variety of materials ranging from stationery items and business cards to lockups with accompanying radio call numbers. Brochure templates and banners were also branded with the new MPR logo and color palette.

Expanding ripples made by a raindrop as it gentty touches the surface ot placid water reflect the Drosdcaster's position as a calming refuge for listeners.

Radio That Matters throughout the region

8rochure templates and banners that bear the new logo, color palette, and the tagline Radio That Matters herald the broadcaster's new position as a mature and growing syndicated content provider.

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