Orivo revitalizes brands that were not previously reaching their potential Its logo needed to look established and solid with a timeless. European flair.

A dynamic, noninvasive presence, the Orivo logo derives its strength from its striking uppercase type treatment and the contrast belween the first and last letters of its name.

Client: Scotchprint Graphics

St. Paul. Minnesota. USA



Agency: Franke + Fiorella

Minneapolis. Minnesota

The Challenge

The Scotchprint Graphics brand name had been established lor more than 20 years when the 3M Company's Commercial Graphics Division called on Franke - Fiorella to create its brand image. Scotchprint Graphics, which employs 3M products to generate custom application graphics for vehicles, buildings, floors, walls, banners, and any other place giant signage can be affixed, had a loyal commercial following. Consequently, the design team had to develop visual branding lhat resonated with the target's current brand perceptions while enhancing its image for future line extensions.

The commercial graphics division of 3M Company. IIjo Scotchprint Graphics brand, had built strong equity over the course of 20 years with a loyal customer base The new identity not only reinforced current brand perceptions but also paved the way for future line extensions.

The Process

The Franke + Fiorella design team executed an extensive competitive audit before conducting extensive research and exploring a number of design options. They selected a bright poster-paint palette paired with a bold san-serif type treatment.

The Result

In addition to implementing the solution across all ol the division's communications, the team also developed an animated soundmark for use in the product line's electronic media presentations and software splash screens.

founded by 1he Information Storage Industry Center IISIC) at UCSD, StorageNetworking. org o'ters online supcon data storage technology user groups. Its logo demon stra'.es the company's ability to point tne way within a well-organized structure


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Client. University of California, San Diego

San Diego, Calilornia. USA

Agency: Koenig Creative

San Diego, California

The Challenge

Over the past decade, the informalion storage, retrieval, and distribution business has exceeded the confines of file folders, storage cabinets, and warehouses. SlorageNelworking.org was founded by the Information Storage Industry Center (IS1C) at University of California. San Diego, with a grant trom the Storage Networking Industry Association {SNIA} and the Sloan Foundation to support data storage technology usergroups so users can interacl with their peers and other experts about this critical industry. The biggest design challenge the Koenig Creative team faced was the length ol the organization's name, which had to be incorporated into a logo without abbreviation.

The Process

The Koenig Creative team developed several identity concepts. Each conveyed a dilferent visual representation of technology and personal networking. The final logo was chosen based on its simple typographic treatment. The use of the letter o in the name depicts separate disks or nodes, and the flowchart line elements represent their interconnection.

The Result

The StorageNetworking.org site is currently being beta tested. Both the logo and the website design have been well received by the client and the site sponsors, who particularly like the design's simplicity and the way logo elements carry through the site.

Supporting the Uwrs of llnt.i Slorap»' IVchnokigy

The Iwo-colpr lagline at the bottom of the letterhead supports the logo. The letter 0 in the company's name depicts a disk or node, white the flowchart line elements represent Ihe Interconnection of the nodes


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Support ing the Users of Data Storage Technology

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