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Medco Health's bright identity speaks of the company's humanness, care, and promise of health, employing a green and sunshine-orange palette and accessible type treatment.

Client: Medco Health

Franklin Lakes. New Jersey, USA

Agency: Llppincott Mercer

New York, New York, USA

The Challenge

Medco Health is the nation's leading pharmacy benefits manager, delivering 537 million prescriptions to more than 62 million people in 2002. That represents nearly one in four Americans. The company provides prescription services for 190 Fortune 500 companies. 12 of the nation's 42 Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, and several large managed care organizations. In addition, Medco's Systemed LLC capitalizes on its extensive PBM (pharmacy benefit management) capabilities to meet the specific needs of small- to mid-sized clients. Medco Health's educational programs and sophisticated information systems link patients, pharmacists, and physicians, helping ensure the appropriate use of prescription drugs for each individual based on individual health profile, best clinical practices, and benefit plan coverage. Lippincott Mercer was charged with developing a visual brand that portrayed Medco Health's ability to help control total healthcare costs, improve quality of care, and provide member satisfaction.


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The Process

Lippincotl Mercer and Medco Health embarked on a collaborative creative process. Together, client and agency developed a wide range of design solutions that included logotypes, wordmarks, and symbols. Each potential concept was tested against positioning and image attributes during intensive research. The final image combines symbols of health—sunshine and a sprouting leaf—with a positive orange and green palette.

The Result

Lippincott Mercer's solution was widely embraced within the Medco Health organization. The design team worked closely with the client to develop identity standards to effectively and efficiently manage implementation of the new brand identity, which appears on stationery, collateral materials, and its website.

Lippincott Mercer worked closely with the client to dma'op identity standards to effectively and efficiently manage Implementation of the new brand Identity.

Medco Health's promise of health is conveyed through Us sun and leaf icon. In collateral materials and on a website, the theme continues in the incorporation of lively photographs of the people the organization serves.

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