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m Angrove roducer/Director www rapfilms.com

Suite-100 1842 UthStS.W j Calqary Alberta, Canada T2T 3S9 Ph- (403) 244-7000 Fav (403) 243-44 17 |

m Angrove roducer/Director www rapfilms.com

Suite-100 1842 UthStS.W j Calqary Alberta, Canada T2T 3S9 Ph- (403) 244-7000 Fav (403) 243-44 17 |

Morpheus Studios ' logo for RAP international—Real Action's group ol companies— reflects nature and a fresh style of film production. This sub-brand treatment provides the necessary cohesiveness tne company needed to convey its message to its clients.

Real Action Pictures

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Morpheus Studios, Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

The Challenge

Real Action Pictures shoots and produces three adventure television series as well as documentary action stock footage. The production company has an extensive catalog of surfing, snowboarding, and other extreme-sports lootage as well as clips of tropical sunsets, waves, and other natural features shot in exotic locations around the world.

Real Action Pictures' cutting-edge, hip TV and movie programming needed to be visually represented with a brandmark that wouldn't become outdated in a tew years. The real challenge laced by the design studio, Morpheus, was that the company's brand image needed to be simple yet symbolize so many things: action, waves, nature, and a fresh style of film production. The identity also had to be usable in a variety of formats and be cost-effective to reproduce.

The Process

Morpheus's founder, Greg MacDonald, started his exploration by viewing some of the company's footage and realizing what drives Real Action Pictures to do what they do. He quickly discovered everything the company does relates to traveling the world and capturing footage of exotic landscapes and the men and women who try to tame, conquer, or just get an adrenaline buzz from these locations—in short, humans in nature and nature in motion.

After playing with several geometric concepts that expressed film and motion, the Morpheus team focused on developing a few ideas around a loose strip ot film that could be shaped into a wave, a mountain, or a sand dune. The team then overlapped the images to catch the many forms captured by Real Action Pictures' cameras.

The Result

In addition to appearing on their equipment at shoots in exotic and wild locations around the world, the brand identity was the starting point for a complete rebranding of the Real Action Pictures' group of companies. The finished logo was an integral part of the company's new website design.

The Chicago-based theater group Running with Scissors prides itself on breaking the rules and creating original material. Its name plays on the adage "Don't run with scissors!" But as many people know, great things can happen when you break the rules and take chances.

Running With Scissoi



The Running with Scissors logo pays homage to the chid found in ever/one and « applied to T-shirts worn by the production company and loyal patrons.

Applied with other elements on promotional posters, the Running with Scissors logo retains its strength, even when used in a small size

Running with Scissors

Chicago. Illinois, USA

Richard Zeid Design

Evanston. Illinois

The Challenge

The Chicago-based theater group Running with Scissors was lounded in 1999 by fourteen performance artists of diverse backgrounds. The group is committed to creating art that is rigorously inventive, timely, and provocative, seeking to examine the social, political, and cultural landscapes of our times. The theater company prides itself on breaking the rules and creating original material in a theater-rich city. The challenge faced by Richard Zeid Design was to create a logo with no concrete context, reflecting the theater's openness.

The Process

Through extensive dialogue with the Running with Scissors creative team, the Richard Zeid Design team unearthed the energy the troupe brings to their productions. As Richard Zeid commented, "They were very much like kids playing and creating work Irom their imaginations and not worrying about the 'adults' out there saying 'You can't do that!'" Many people have heard the adage "Don't run with scissors!" But as many people know, great things can happen when you bend and break the rules.

The Result

The Richard Zeid Design team's solution pays homage to the raucous, rambunctious child in everyone. The result is a warm, easily recognizable brand image lhat beckons viewers lo enter a world of limilless discovery. The name has also produced subbrands such as SNIPS (Scissors New Work in Progress).

September 6-29.2001

*f <r«4i, SqMttr « anfl S >1 7:30 pm antf tfdafl K TJfi pm SjWUfliMCjuWTJOjni

Tickets: S15

Cad 312-ÎI2-TIXS of visit *** uiielMb.com mwtM«w*

Coated by Runnng W.lh Setters • Pwrtf 6 by Stordtort Theater Directed by Ann Boyd Written by M»j Morqan


Catering to a Gen-Y audience, the international music magazine Fader ¡resents the edgy side oi pop culture. Stapie Design's logo for the puplicaticn is reminiscent of punk-era British puoiications like The Face.

The Fader Magazine

New York, New York, USA

Staple Design

New York, New York, and Tokyo. Japan The Challenge

Catering lo a Gen-Y audience, the international music magazine Fader presents pop culture ranging from new music and cutting-edge fashion to inspired photography and innovative film in a unique "new journalism" style. Amid a sea of similar publications targeting the same market, the bimonthly magazine needed an identity that would jump ahead of its competitors on the newsstands without battling other cover elements. The logo also had to resonate with its young, demanding readership. To accomplish Ihis not-so-simple task, the publishers called on Staple Design.

The Process

As Staple Design's Jeffrey C. Ng admitted, the process ol creating a visual identity that could hold up in a variety of colors accompanied by an even greater numbor of illustrative elements look "dozens and dozens ol revisions." Each concept had to be tested against potential cover photos ol the White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. and Outkast. plus additional typography. The Imal result was a raw, sans-serif type treatment reminiscent of punk-era British publications like The Face.

The Result

The beauty of Fader's finished logo lies in its sparse, clean design, which will allow it to function without appearing dated as each season's styles and tastes give way to those of the next. In the music industry, styles change rapidly and freshness is essential.



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