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The Result

The Missive's bold solution was a total hit. Sha Boom Boom himself loves the identity so much he brands it with a rubber stamp onto members ol the audience at each show.

The use of ligatures and painted letterforms in Dancing Life's logo increases the fluidity and humanity of the name and implies merging energies.


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Client: Dancing Life—Body Energy for Self-Empowerment

Forest Hills. New York. USA

Agency: The Missive

New York, New York

The Challenge

Subjects with a New Age or healthy living message often fall into the same visual traps as corporate identities. Visual clichés may be a comfortable place for a designer to explore, but they do little to create a marketable point of difference for the client. Dancing Life's mission is to provide its patrons with the tools for self-empowerment through use of body energy. It also offers sessions in yoga, shiatsu. and reiki. The Missive was asked to create an identity that portrayed the nurturing, flowing, and merging nature of human energy.

The Process

Every design exploration needs a direction. In The Missive's case, all roads led to a goal that did not include pictographs or symbols related to yoga, shiatsu. or reiki in the presentation. Going to Dancing Life's studio and gaining first-hand experience in a shiatsu session provided further inspiration. This led to experiments in the use of ligatures in the typographic treatment to convey merging energies and then to painted letterforms to increase the fluidity and humanity ol the letterforms. Insignia was chosen as the secondary typeface for its geometric rigidity and Asian characteristics.

Dancing Lite's website avoids the use of New Age symbols for yoga, shiatsu. and reiki, instead stressing the company's mission to provide its patrons with the tools tor sett empowerment through use ol body energy.

The Result

Yin and yang (warm and cool) energies are signified by the soft blue and yellow color palette that completes Dancing Lile's meditative visual identity. The Missive's extra effort—taking time to experience the client's classes—is readily apparent in the final mark, which also uses thoughtful type treatments to convey the tone and personality ol the client.

Sometimes you may prefer...

All of these approaches focus on energy awareness and honor you as an evolvlngcreatlve person. It will help to trcrease your energy awareness and to develop a connection with yourself for a greater balance of mind, body and spirit

| Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a system of health touch based on the Asian approach to healing. Instead of focusing on muscle groups as In western mo, ;age, Lisa will stimuloto the meridians, or energy pathways in your body The concept Is to treat the whole individual, body, mind and spirit. You wll lie on the floor on a comfortable surface and receive supportive pressure, exercise end stretching tor a profound energy-sensing experience Common sensations doncirjcjf6

Y<n and yang Iwarm and coof/ energies are signified by the soft blue and yellow color palette used in Dancing Lite's stationery program.

Manhattan Fllhmi B

The ciient came v/ith the bas's tor this logo—.'fte ¿0.';. The Missive subtly bowed to tradition, adding the sprocket holes of a film-strip fo the identity for the ft'n production company.

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