Gender Illusionist Technician

View Bar - 22nd and 8th show tonight

Client: Sha Boom Boom

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Agency: The Missive

New York, New York. USA

The Challenge

Keith Venter is a performance artist who labels himsell a "gender illusionist technician" and whose stage name is Sha Boom Boom. He wanted a polished, clean identity that also communicates the costume and gender transformations he makes in his performances.

As The Missive's Julian Leon admitted, "I never imagined creating a logo for a drag queen. This type of performance art is difficult to associate with images beyond the wigs and makeup that are superficial to the art form."

The Process

Leon witnessed Sha Boom Boom's on-stage transformation and tried to capture the work behind Venter's illusion. Then he embarked on creating a visual explanation, focusing on the entertainment aspect and its delightful twist. A Futura Xtra Bold type treatment was selected to emphasize the onomatopoetic quality of Venter's stage name. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) symbols were combined to portray gender differences. The two shapes share a head, communicating to viewers the polarity of the individual. The arrows and stars impress the entertainment and transformational qualities ot Sha Boom Boom's performance.

Gender ttusiomst Technician Sha Boom Boom's business card communicates tne costume and gender trans formations ho mokos In his performances.


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