Eastern Mountain Sports

The refreshecjÊcMS brand (above), created by Desgrippes Gobé, captures the "gotta get out" attitude of its loyal customer base of hardcore mountain climbers and its new audience of young travel and mountain sports enthusiasts. The icon depicts a road up a high mountain toward a bright sun while maintaining the integrity ana feel of the ortgr Clien1: Eastern Mountain Sports net mark (befoivj. Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA

Agency: Desgrippes Gobé Group

New York, New York, USA


The Challenge

A leading manufacturer and retailer of outdoor gear and apparel. Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) wanted to created a branding program that would achieve three goals. The company wanted to update its existing logo. It wanted to appeal to a younger, broader customer base interested in travel and mountain sports such as climbing, cross-country skiing, camping, snowshoeing, canoeing, cycling, kayaking, and hiking. The company also wanted to send a message to its loyal consumer base of hardcore climbers that EMS still stands for knowledge and knowhow.

The Process

The Desgrippes Gobé design team explored themes that spoke of the passion EMS's consumers have for outdoor sports. They focused on the phrase break out, which refers to the feeling customers have when they "gotta get out" for a reinvigorating escape into the mountains. The team developed an icon that depicts a road leading up a high mountain toward a bright sun. The bold, sans serif oblique type treatment evokes action. The green and gold color palette spells out in no uncertain terms that EMS is about outdoor adventures.

EMS is about outdoor adventure, and its green and gold color palette supports that message.

A secondary logo was drrreioped tor use on EMS s br anded products, which range from apparel and accessories to backpacks ami sports gear.

The Result

As intended, the logo has won the hearts ol EMS's loyal clionts and new customers since its launch in 2003. Desgrippe Gobi's team also developed a secondary logo system tor use on branded products. Irom apparel and accessories to backpacks and sports gear.

A secondary logo was drrreioped tor use on EMS s br anded products, which range from apparel and accessories to backpacks ami sports gear.


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Client: BioExplorations

San Francisco. California. USA

Appealing la aolh adults and school-age kids, the BioExplorations logo promises adventure in natural settings. The company conducts eco-camps and expeditions that allow travelers to interact with ieal-i:le scientists.

Agency: Project6 Design

Berkeley, Calilornia

The Challenge

BioExplorations organizes and conducts eco-camps for school-age children, ottering hands-on adventure programs to teach them aboul nature and science. The company also leads adult expeditions lhat combine travel, adventure, education. and science, giving participants a rare opportunity to interact with real-lite scientists. Since BioExploralions's target market consists of both children and adults, the |Ob of designing >ts logo challenged Project6 Design to develop an idenlily that would appeal to both audiences.


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