Ana Martins

Client: Ana Martins Public Relations

New York, New York. USA

Agency: Inoviz

Now York, New York

The Challenge

Ana Martins took a sabbatical Irom her New York-based public relations business after the September 11 tragedy to return to her native Portugal to spend time with her family. While there, she began work on a new brand mark lor her company. After vetting dozens of ideas from designers as well as friends and relatives, Marlins returned to New York with a firm idea of whal she didn't want and a vague leeling that her heart's desire was impossible.

As many ol her clients are in couture fashion, she wanted a logo in nude tones accented with a copper metallic palette. II needed to be edgy and modern as well as abstract and classic. It needed lo be brief but with impact, and it needed to make an entrance. Without a lot ol hope, she approached a favorite designer, Marco Gonsalvez, then brought his work to Inoviz lo be finalized

The Process

What Martins didn't realize was that her string of abortive attempts had been highly productive. Unlike many design clients, she arrived al the designer having tried her hand al creating the logo and had already seen enough bad designs that she was mentally prepared to appreciate a good one. even if it jumped effortlessly off the designer's sketch pad on the first try. And it did—after a single 15-mlnute conversation. As she put it. "Once the first sketch was done we couldn't even look at anything else." With a structure in front of them, the Inoviz team was able to bring the logo to life by selecting and setting Ihe lype. finishing the palelte. and retouching the icon.

The Result

Ana Martins loves the logo, as do her clients. As a public relations specialist, Martins appreciates the importance of consistent branding and makes sure that her logo appears wherever possible.

The designer's vision of an 'Alientown Proud" identity emerged while sitting in a traffic iam with a sketch-boox and plenty of time right after a meeting with the client.

Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

Zurek Design

Easton. Pennsylvania

The Challenge

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Allentown? Admit it; it's the Billy Joel song by the same name, right? In truth, Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a vibrant, growing city with devoled citizens who have invested in downtown businesses and supported the city through up yoars arid down years.

The Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce wanted to create a campaign and logo that would represent the pride Ihe locals leel for their city. The department approached Zurek Design with a slogan in place—"Allentown Proud"—and no budget. Pamela Zurek's challenge was to create a logo that could be reproduced in a variety of formats, both large and tiny.

The Process

As Zurek recalls. "After meeting with the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber ol Commerce. I realized I needed lo come up with an image thai reflected Ihe dynamic downtown community. I was thinking about it on the drive back from Allentown to my office in Easton. Traffic on Route 22 was backed up to a standstill. I jolted down the image of a heart nested inside the o in Allentown and used a mix of upper- and lowercase letters lo give a friendly leeling to the words. Back in my office, I came up with four or five alternate ideas, but tho committee chose the one I came up with in Ihe traffic jam. It's probably the best thing ever to come out of a Route 22 traffic tie-up!"

The Result

Zurek's top-of-mind sketch has been relmed and applied lo stickers and decals that have been plastered all over the city. The Chamber ol Commerce has Ireely shared the logo with downtown business owners, who have used it on stationery, shopping bags, and promotional material. It's also been used on Ihe Allentown website and newsletter.

"The result lor me has been very gratifying. The logo is slowly becoming recognized throughout the Lehigh Valley area and is always a highlight of my portfolio presentations to new clients. Although I took the project on a pro bono basis and wasn't compensated lor my work, the process was enjoyable, and the payoff in PR made il all worth it!" Zurek concludes.

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