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Perhaps you have not given much thought to funding your app endeavors, but there are some developers who want to build a formidable company around selling apps on the App Store and on other mobile phone platforms. One of the key requirements for any businessperson seeking funding is developing a solid business plan, which includes a marketing plan. A marketing plan is going to help your investors understand the type of apps you are going to develop, who your competitors are, and how you intend to bring your app to market.

The marketing plan provides your outside financiers with the confidence that you know your market and that you know how to achieve your objectives. The key to obtaining funding is demonstrating that you have a solid market for your apps and that you have a clearly defined strategy to meet your sales goals. Having a great idea for an app will not be enough. You'll have to demonstrate that you have the experience and vision to make your apps successful in a very competitive market.

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