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One of the most overlooked tools for getting a really good quality job is the website LinkedIn. Now, it is true that most people have a LinkedIn page, but few people know how to use it well. Once you actually know how to take full advantage of everything that LinkedIn has to offer, you will be amazed at how much more you will be able to do with your career. You will be able to truly show employers what you have to offer. So, why not let Blue Sky help you with LinkedIn? The Blue Sky Guide To LinkedIn gives you all of the tools and tips that you never have thought of to make your page the best one in your business; people will be pounding down your door to get what you have to offer! Don't just leave LinkedIn up to change; really take the time and make it amazing with the Blue Sky Guide To LinkedIn! More here...

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Connect with LinkedIn

LinkedIn, located at, is a popular business-oriented social networking site that enables you to build a professional network of contacts. The primary purpose of this social network site is to allow you to maintain a list of contact details of people you know and trust in business. The people in your LinkedIn contact list are referred to as connections. You can invite anyone, regardless of whether or not the person is a LinkedIn user or not, to become one of your connections. Each time you add a new connection to your LinkedIn network you gain access to that person's connections. For example, by adding a new connection, you gain indirect access to that person's direct connections (your second-degree connections) and also the connections of your second-degree connections (called third-degree connections). Every time you create new connections, you are, in turn, tapping into a potentially large network For example, you can use your network of business connections to...

Promote Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be another great way to reach an audience of developers and buyers for your app, especially if you have written a business-related app that is geared to working professionals. You can join up to 50 LinkedIn groups based on your own target audience. A search of groups will reveal perhaps hundreds of groups that you If you haven't created your own LinkedIn profile, you need to do that to post to these groups. But having a profile showcasing your development skills is a huge benefit. You can post announcements on your profile about your app's availability, and you can update your contacts about updates and other news about your brand. See Chapter 7 for more information about LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn

If you haven't signed up for LinkedIn you should. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your developer skills or marketing skills and to showcase your apps with a professional community. It will take you about half an hour to do a really nice job of listing all your skills and attributes for this site. After you have registered, you can locate and join iPhone app groups that allow you to contribute your expertise and inform people of your apps and their availability. LinkedIn's advanced search functionality also lets you locate people, groups, or companies that you may have an interest in contacting. For example, you can search on iPhone app developers, and LinkedIn will respond with a list of more than 3,000 developers Perhaps you are looking for another developer to team on a project this is a great site for doing that. It will take some time for you to build up your connections to other people. Many on LinkedIn have earned a badge of respect with more than 500 connections....

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization, or SMO, is a form of online marketing that focuses on participating on various social media Web sites to generate traffic, buzz, and links back to your Web site. Social media Web sites include social news Web sites such as Digg, Sphinn, and StumbleUpon video sharing Web sites such as YouTube and Revver and social network Web sites, including MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Various recognized SEO and SMO pundits have LinkedIn is a popular business-oriented social networking site that allows you to network with like-minded business professionals and build a list of contacts. By building a database of contacts with people you know and trust in business, you have access to a large network of friends with whom you can conduct business, offer jobs, and promote your business. LinkedIn is an effective network for sharing professional information and news about your business-related activities.

Tie Your App to Part of a Wider Solution

Perhaps the most popular category of apps is the social networking-related apps. Anytime there is a powerful and well-known Internet application such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and so on, there is an opportunity for you to create an ancillary app to one of these (and many more) Web 2.0 technologies. Look for ways to add value to these applications, and you may be able to create a blockbuster app that people will purchase to help them use these other technologies. Figure 2.9 shows a clever app that can aid Facebook users in updating their status. Figure 2.10 is another example that helps you keep track of Facebook friends' birthdays.

Using Social Media in Your App Marketing

When you hear the term social media what comes to mind You're probably thinking of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, and many other websites that allow you to interact within a community of users. But social media is much more. It also includes blogs, RSS feeds, LinkedIn,, StumbleUpon, and other social marketing activities which we will discuss in this chapter.

Social networking tools

Partly because blogging is a form of networking and partly because a lot of blogging is being done by Web innovators, many bloggers are heavily involved with social networks, such as LinkedIn, Audioscrobbler, and Friendster. LinkedIn LinkedIn ( is a purely professional network of 1.4 million people. Register and provide some basic information about yourself and then feed your Rolodex into the system. If you have colleagues that aren't registered, you can invite them. Use the system to search for people and organizations you want to make contact with. For example, if you want to make contact with the CEO of a company to establish a business relationship, do a search for that person's name. If the CEO is in the system, LinkedIn tells you how many contacts you have in common, or trace a route from your contacts, your contacts' contacts, and hence to the CEO. The entire system is based on referrals, so the chances are high that you can make a connection to a potential...

Other Social Networks and Bookmarking Sites

If your app appeals to businesses, then you'll definitely want to get connected on Besides including a link to your iPhone app's web site on your LinkedIn profile, the popular business network hosts thousands of active discussion groups. Pick the groups that best match your app's target audience, and promote it by posting your press releases and links to related blog articles. This is a great way to reach business executives who may not have found your iPhone app on their own in the crowded App Store. LinkedIn also makes it easy to publish your Twitter posts on your LinkedIn page. Activate your Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile and then append either the in or li hashtags to your tweets for those select messages to also be published as LinkedIn status updates.

Let Visitors Market Your Site

Having a high page rank for your personal website is, in part, about getting external links back to your app product website. You do this by getting visitors to post comments about your site and app on blog posts and on their own websites. Blogging is a great way to help your site get noticed and keep visitors coming to it. Be sure to utilize the AddThis button on your site to promote your apps and website. The AddThis button can be installed on your blog or website pages, and it allows visitors to share your content with their friends and coworkers who use Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg, TypePad, Blogger, WordPress, and other social media sites.

Promote Through Blogs

As discussed in Chapter 7, you want to post an announcement about your new app to your blog. You can create a blog if you don't already have one, but remember blogging is a commitment, and you must post comments at least weekly to be followed with any regularity. You can use WordPress or Blogger, and they're free and simple to use. There are so many ways to link and use your blog posts to spread the word about your app. For example, you post your blogs to your LinkedIn profile. You can send a Twitter message (Tweet) with a link to your blog post.

Make It Viral

Another great way to build a viral element within your application is to create some benefit to interaction with others as part of the application. If your application is a game, you would obviously allow people who download the game to play against their friends. If the application is for something other than entertainment, integrating a viral element is more difficult. Consider how group interaction would add to the experience through things such as voting, picture sharing, or status updates. If none of those are an option, you can try to integrate your application with other existing networks and applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Social Media

Social networking media (in addition to blogs) present a variety of ways you can develop a relationship with your customers or potential customers. They include MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Gather, Classmates, LinkedIn, Xanga, Squidoo, Twitter, Orkut, Bebo, Ning,, Second Life, Flickr, and YouTube, and by the time this book is published, probably another dozen new media may have appeared (and perhaps others disappeared).


Online intermediaries are businesses which support business and consumer audiences, so they can serve both B2B and B2C information exchanges. Auction sites are another type of online intermediary that support the B2B and the C2C exchanges introduced in Chapter 1. Online intermediaries sometimes support online social networks which are a form of online community described in more detail in the section on virtual communities at the end of Chapter 6. The Google Orkut service ( is an example of a personal social network, while Linked In ( and Eacademy ( are examples of business networks. A business-to-business community serving the interest of Internet marketers is the E-consultancy forums ( forum).

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Mindmap For LinedIn Business

Mindmap For LinedIn Business

This is a mindmap that will help you within all your needs to success within a business using LinkedIn.

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