Who owns the content

For a medium-to-large site where the content is updated regularly, as it should be, it will soon become impossible for one person to be able to update all the content. It is logical and practical to distribute the responsibility for owning and developing different sections of the site to the people in an organisation who have the best skills and knowledge to develop that content. For example, in a large financial services company, the part of the business responsible for a certain product area should update the copy referring to their products. One person will update copy for each of savings accounts, mortgages, travel insurance, health insurance and investments. For a PC supplier, different content developers will be required for the product information, financing, delivery information and customer service facilities. Once the ownership of content is distributed throughout an organisation, it becomes crucial to develop guidelines and standards that help ensure that the site has a coherent 'feel' and appearance. The nature of these guidelines is described in the sections that follow.

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