Which are the top portals

To see the most important portals in your region, visit Nielsen//NetRatings (www.netratings.com) and choose 'Top Rankings'. This gives the top 10 most popular sites in the countries listed. You will see that the largest portals such as MSN and Google can be used to reach over 50% of the Internet audience in a country. The pattern of top sites is different in each country, so international marketers need to ensure they are equally visible in different countries.

Many portals are related to Internet service providers - ISPs such as AOL (www.aol.com) and Wanadoo (www.wandadoo.com) have created a portal as the default home page for their users. The Microsoft Network (www.msn.com) is a popular portal since when users install the Internet Explorer browser it will be set up so that the home page is a Microsoft page.

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