Web links

• ClickZ (www.clickz.com). An excellent collection of articles on online marketing communications. US-focused. Relevant section for this chapter: CRM strategies.

• CRM Today (www.crm2day.com). A portal with articles about the practical aspects of deploying CRM technology.

• Database Marketing Institute (www.dbmarketing.com). Useful collection of articles on best practice.

• Jim Novo (www.jimnovo.com). A site by a US consultant that has a lot of detail on techniques to profile customers online.

• Peppers and Rogers One-to-One marketing web site (www.1to1.com). A site containing a lot of information on the techniques and tools of relationship marketing.

Part 3

Passive Income Blueprint

Passive Income Blueprint

Passive income is a source of revenue you ideally create only once, to bring in fresh batches of income over and over, all on its own.

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