Walled garden A limited range of e-commerce services on iDTV (compared to the Internet). Web 2.0 concept A collection of web services that facilitate certain behaviours online such as community participation and user-generated content, rating and tagging.

Web accessibility Designing web sites so that they can be used by people with visual impairment whatever browser/access platform they use.

Web addresses (universal resource locators - URLs)

Web addresses refer to particular pages on a web server, which is hosted by a company or organisation. The technical name for web addresses is uniform or universal resource locators (URLs).

Web application protocol (WAP) A standard that enables mobile phones to access text from web sites.

Web analytics Techniques used to assess and improve the contribution of e-marketing to a business, including reviewing traffic volume, referrals, clickstreams, online reach data, customer satisfaction surveys, leads and sales.

Web browsers Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer provide an easy method of accessing and viewing information stored as HTML web documents on different web servers.

Web radio Or Internet radio is when existing broadcasts are streamed via the Internet and listened to using plug-ins such as Real Media or Windows Media Player.

Web response model The web site is used as a response mechanism for offline campaign elements such as direct mail or advertising.

Web self-service Content and services provided by an organisation to replace or complement in-store or phone customer enquiries in order to reduce costs and increase customer convenience. Web servers Web servers are used to store the web pages accessed by web browsers. They may also contain databases of customer or product information, which can be queried and retrieved using a browser.

Web site Content accessible on the World Wide

Web that is created by a particular organisation or individual. The location and identity of a web site is indicated by its web address (URL) or domain name. It may be stored on a single server in a single location, or a cluster of servers.

Web site measurement The process whereby metrics such as page impressions are collected and evaluated to assess the effectiveness of Internet marketing activities in meeting customers, business and marketing objectives.

Webmaster The webmaster is responsible for ensuring the quality of a web site. This means achieving suitable availability, speed, working links between pages and connections to company databases. In small companies the webmaster may be responsible for graphic design and content development. Wide Area Information Service (WAIS) An Internet service that has been superseded by the World Wide Web.

Wi-Fi ('wireless fidelity') A high-speed wireless local-area network enabling wireless access to the Internet for mobile, office and home users. Wireframe Also known as 'schematics', a way of illustrating the layout of an individual web page.

Wireless Markup Language (WML) Standard for displaying mobile pages such as transferred by WAP. World Wide Web A medium for publishing information on the Internet. It is accessed through web browsers, which display web pages and can now be used to run business applications. Company information is stored on web servers, which are usually referred to as web sites.

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