Undirected information seeker A person who does not know what information they are looking for -a surfer.

Uniform (universal) resource locator (URL) Text that indicates the web address of a site. A specific domain name is typed into a web browser window and the browser will then locate and load the web site. It is in the form of:


Unique visitors Individual visitors to a site measured through cookies or IP addresses on an individual computer.

Unsubscribe An option to opt out from an e-mail newsletter or discussion group.

Upload The transfer of files from a local computer to a server. Usually achieved using FTP. E-mail or web site pages can be uploaded to update a remote server.

Up-selling Persuading existing customers to purchase more expensive products (typically related to existing purchase categories).

URL strategy A defined approach to how content is labelled through placing it in different directories or folders with distinct web addresses. Usability An approach to web site design intended to enable the completion of user tasks.

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