The stickiness factor

Typically, this refers to how 'glued' we are to a medium such as a TV channel or a web site, but in this context it refers to attachment to the characteristics and attributes of a product or a brand. Gladwell stresses the importance of testing and market research to make the product effective. Marsden suggests that there are key cross-category attributes which are key drivers for product success and he commends the work of Morris and Martin (2000) which summarises these attributes as:

• Excellence: perceived as best of breed

• Uniqueness: clear one-of-a-kind differentiation

• Aesthetics: perceived aesthetic appeal

• Association: generates positive associations

• Engagement: fosters emotional involvement

• Expressive value: visible sign of user values

• Functional value: addresses functional needs

• Nostalgic value: evokes sentimental linkages

• Personification: has character, personality

• Cost: perceived value for money.

Incidentally, you can see that this list is also a useful prompt about the ideal characteristics of a web site or online service.

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