The scope of Internet marketing strategy

When reviewing options for Internet marketing strategy, it is also useful to keep in mind that Internet strategy involves much more than the narrow focus of a strategy to develop web site services. Although this is part of Internet marketing strategy, marketers also examine broader issues of using the web, e-mail and databases strategically as communications and relationship-building tools which must integrate with other marketing communications. Internet strategy may also involve redesigning business processes to integrate with partners such as suppliers and distributors in new ways. Figure 1 in the Preface suggests the range of digital marketing activities that must be managed within an Internet marketing strategy. The figure shows that the operational activities which need to be managed can be usefully divided into those for (1) acquisition, (2) conversion and proposition development and (3) retention and growth. Many of these activities and much of Internet marketing strategy development involve developing a digital marketing communications strategy. The acquisition activities such as search engine marketing and online advertising and the retention activities such as e-mail marketing in Figure 4.2 are covered in Chapter 8. Conversion and proposition development is covered in Chapter 7. Proposition development, or the definition of the services that a company offers and how they are used for relationship building, is core to this chapter and is considered further in Chapter 5 on developing the online marketing mix and Chapter 6 on relationship building. The supporting operating processes and the management processes form the core of Internet marketing strategy.

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