Testing content

Development phase

'Development' is the term used to describe the creation of a web site by programmers. It involves writing the HTML content, creating graphics, and writing any necessary software code such as JavaScript or ActiveX (programming).

Testing phase

Testing involves different aspects of the content such as spelling, validity of links, formatting on different web browsers and dynamic features such as form filling or database queries.

Marketing managers responsible for web sites need to have a basic awareness of web site development and testing. We have already discussed the importance of usability testing with typical users of the system. In brief, other necessary testing steps include:

• test content displays correctly on different types and versions of web browsers;

• test all interactive facilities and integration with company databases;

• test spelling and grammar;

• test adherence to corporate image standards;

• test to ensure all links to external sites are valid.

Testing often occurs on a separate test web server (or directory) or test environment, with access to the test or prototype version being restricted to the development team. When complete the web site is released or published to the main web server or live environment.

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