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1 Internet marketing refers to the use of Internet technologies, combined with traditional media, to achieve marketing objectives. E-marketing and digital marketing have a broader perspective and imply the use of other technologies such as databases and approaches such as customer relationship management (e-CRM).

2 A customer-centric approach to digital marketing considers the needs of a range of customers using techniques such as persona and customer scenarios (Chapter 2) to understand customer needs in a multi-channel buying process. Tailoring to individual customers may be practical using personalisation techniques.

3 Electronic commerce refers to both electronically mediated financial and informational transactions.

4 Sell-side e-commerce involves all electronic business transactions between an organisation and its customers, while buy-side e-commerce involves transactions between an organisation and its suppliers.

5 'Electronic business' is a broader term referring to how technology can benefit all internal business processes and interactions with third parties. This includes buy-side and sell-side e-commerce and the internal value chain.

6 E-commerce transactions include business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and consumer-to-business (C2B) transactions.

7 The Internet is used to develop existing markets through enabling an additional communications and/or sales channel with potential customers. It can be used to develop new international markets with a reduced need for new sales offices and agents. Companies can provide new services and possibly products using the Internet.

8 The Internet can support the full range of marketing functions and in doing so can help reduce costs, facilitate communication within and between organisations and improve customer service.

9 Interaction with customers, suppliers and distributors occurs across the Internet. The web and e-mail are particularly powerful if they can be used to create relevant, personalised communications. These communications are also interactive. If access is restricted to favoured third parties this is known as an extranet. If Internet technologies are used to facilitate internal company communications this is known as an intranet - a private company internet.

10 The marketing benefits the Internet confers are advantageous both to the large corporation and to the small or medium-sized enterprise. These include:

• a new medium for advertising and PR;

• a new channel for distributing products;

• opportunities for expansion into new markets;

• new ways of enhancing customer service;

• new ways of reducing costs by reducing the number of staff in order fulfilment.

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