1 Evaluating the opportunities provided by the Internet for varying the marketing mix is a useful framework for assessing current and future Internet marketing strategy.

2 Product. Opportunities for varying the core product through new information-based services and also the extended product should be reviewed.

3 Price. The Internet leads to price transparency and commoditisation and hence lower prices. Dynamic pricing gives the ability to test prices or to offer differential pricing for different segments or in response to variations in demand. New pricing models such as auctions are available.

4 Place. Place refers to place of purchase and channel structure on the Internet. There are three main locations for e-commerce transactions: seller site, buyer site and ^

intermediary. New channel structures are available through direct sales and linking to new intermediaries. Steps must be taken to minimise channel conflict.

5 Promotion. This aspect of the mix is discussed in more detail in Chapter 8.

6 People, process and physical evidence. These aspects of the mix are discussed in more detail in Chapters 6 and 7 where customer relationship management and service delivery are discussed.

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