1 Online promotion techniques include:

• Search engine marketing - search engine optimisation (SEO) improves position in the natural listings and pay-per-click marketing features a company in the sponsored listings.

• Online PR - including techniques such as link-building, blogging, RSS and reputation management. ^

• Online partnerships - including affiliate marketing (commission-based referral), co-branding and sponsorship.

• Online advertising - using a range of formats including banners, skyscrapers and rich media such as overlays.

• E-mail marketing - including rented lists, co-branded e-mails, event-triggered emails and ads in third-party e-newsletters for acquisition and e-newsletters and campaign e-mails to house lists.

• Viral marketing - developing great creative concepts which are transmitted by online word-of-mouth.

2 Offline promotion involves promoting the web site address, highlighting the value proposition of the web site and achieving web response through traditional media advertisements in print, or on television.

3 Interactive marketing communications must be developed as part of integrated marketing communications for maximum cost-effectiveness.

4 Key characteristics of interactive communications are the combination of push and pull media, user-submitted content, personalisation, flexibility and of course interactivity to create a dialogue with consumers.

5 Objectives for interactive communications include direct sales for transactional sites, but they also indirectly support brand awareness, favourability and purchase intent.

6 Important decisions in the communications mix introduced by digital media include:

• The balance between spend on media and creative for digital assets and ad executions

• The balance between spend in traditional and offline communications

• The balance between investment in continuous and campaign-based digital activity

• The balance of investment in different interactive communications tools.


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