1 A structured measurement programme is necessary to collect measures to assess a web site's effectiveness. Action can then be taken to adjust the web site strategy or promotional efforts. A measurement programme involves:

• Stage 1: Defining a measurement process.

• Stage 2: Defining a metrics framework.

• Stage 3: Selecting of tools for data collection, reporting and analysis.

2 Measures of Internet marketing effectiveness can be categorised as assessing:

• Level 1: Business effectiveness - these measure the impact of the web site on the whole business, and look at financial measures such as revenue and profit and promotion of corporate awareness.

• Level 2: Marketing effectiveness - these measure the number of leads and sales achieved via the Internet and effect of the Internet on retention rates and other aspects of the marketing mix such as branding.

• Level 3: Internet marketing effectiveness - these measures assess how well the site is being promoted, and do so by reviewing the popularity of the site and how good it is at delivering customer needs.

3 The measures of effectiveness referred to above are collected in two main ways -online and offline - or in combination.

4 Online measures are obtained from a web-server log file or using browser-based techniques. They indicate the number of visitors to a site, which pages they visit, and where they originated from. These also provide a breakdown of visitors through time or by country.

5 Offline measures are marketing outcomes such as enquiries or sales that are directly attributable to the web site. Other measures of the effectiveness are available through surveying customers using questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.

6 Maintaining a web site requires clear responsibilities to be identified for different roles. These include the roles of content owners and site developers, and those ensuring that the content conforms with company and legal requirements.

7 To produce a good-quality web site, standards are required to enforce uniformity in terms of:

• corporate branding;

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