1 The development of the online presence follows stage models from basic static 'brochureware' sites through simple interactive sites with query facilities to dynamic sites offering personalisation of services for customers.

2 The Internet marketing strategy should follow a similar form to a traditional strategic marketing planning process and should include:

• situation review;

• strategy formulation;

• resource allocation and monitoring.

A feedback loop should be established to ensure the site is monitored and modifications are fed back into the strategy development.

3 Strategic goal setting should involve:

• setting business objectives that the Internet can help achieve;

• assessing and stating the contribution that the Internet will make to the business in the future, both as a proportion of revenue and in terms of whether the Internet will complement or replace other media;

• stating the full range of business benefits that are sought, such as improved corporate image, cost reduction, more leads and sales, and improved customer service.

sorts, rather than just music. Clearly, film [through video on demand] would be next.

But it has to be based firmly on analysis of customer demand. She says:

The number one thing for us is whether the product is something that customers are saying they want, has it reached a point where mass-market customers are interested?

There also has to be scope for simplification. NMA (2005) notes that Tesco is built on a core premise of convenience and value and Wade-Gery believes what it's already done with mobile tariffs, broadband packages and music downloads are good examples of the retailer's knack for streamlining propositions. She says:

'We've actually managed to get people joining broadband who have never even had a dial-up service'.

Sources: Humby and Hunt (2003), NMA (2005), Hitwise (2005), Wikipedia (2005)

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