Stage 2b Capture customer information to maintain relationship

Capturing profile information is commonly achieved through an online form such as

Figure 6.6 which the customer must complete to receive the offer. It is important to design these forms to maximise their completion. Factors which are important are:

• Branding to reassure the customer;

• Key profile fields to capture the most important information to segment the customer for future communications, in this case, postcode, airport and preferred activities (not too many questions must be asked);

• Mandatory fields - mark fields which must be completed, or as in this case, only include mandatory figures;

• Privacy - 'we will not share' is the magic phrase to counter the customer's main fear of their details being passed on. A full privacy statement should be available for those who need it;

• KISS - 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' is a well-known American phrase;

• WIFM - 'What's in it for me?' Explain why the customer's data is being captured -which benefits it will give them;

• Validate e-mail, postcode - check data as far as possible to make it accurate.

Register your details w'rth us to receive the latest travel deals and ideas direct to your Inbox


Post Code i

Email address Mobile Number'

■"In future we may investigate Innovative ways of communication with you by SMS. which could Include exclusive access to competitions and offers If you are interested In being part of this please provide your mobile

1 All details provided by you will be held by us and used in accordance with our 1 vacy Policy.

2. We may from time to time contact you by post with further information on the latest offers brochures, products or services which we believe may be of interest to you from Thomson (a division of Till LJK Limited) other hoiday divisions within and group companies of TUI UK limited.

Figure 6.6 Opt-in customer profiling form

Register your details w'rth us to receive the latest travel deals and ideas direct to your Inbox


As well as online data capture, it is important to use all customer touchpoints to capture information and keep it up-to-date since this affects our capabilities to target customers accurately. Figure 6.7 provides a good way for a company to review all the possible methods of capturing e-mail addresses and other profile information:

• Online incentive such as prize-draw (B2C) or white paper download (B2B)

• Viral marketing

• E-newsletter opt-in on site

• Registration to view content or submit content to a community forum

• Renting list, co-branded e-mail or advertising in third party e-newsletter to encourage opt-in

• Co-registration with third party sites

• Capture e-mail when customer first registers or purchases online

• E-newsletter and other methods given on left

• Direct mail offer perhaps driving visitors to web

• Trade shows or conference

• Paper response to traditional direct mail communication

• Phone response to direct mail or ad

• Paper order form, customer registration/product warranty form

• Point of sale for retailers

New customers Existing customers

New customers Existing customers

Figure 6.7 Matrix of customer touchpoints for collecting and updating customer e-mail contact and other profile information

Apart from the contact information, the other important information to collect is a Customer profiling method of profiling the customer so that appropriate information can be delivered to them. For example, B2B company RS Components asks for:

Using the web site to find out customers' specific interests and characteristics.

• industry sector;

• purchasing influence;

• specific areas of product interest;

• how many people you manage;

• total number of employees in company.

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