Stage 2a Incentivise visitors to action

The first time a visitor arrives at a site is the most important since if he or she does not find the desired information or experience, they may not return. We need to move from using the customer using the Internet in pull mode, to the marketer using the Internet in push mode through e-mail and traditional direct mail communications (Chapter 8). The quality and credibility of the site must be sufficient to retain the visitor's interest so that he or she stays on the site. To initiate one-to-one, offers or incentives must be prominent, ideally on the home page. It can be argued that converting unprofiled visitors to profiled visitors is a major design objective of a web site. Two types of incentives can be identified: lead generation offers and sales generation offers.

Types of offers marketers can devise include information value, entertainment value, monetary value and privileged access to information (such as that only available on an extranet).

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