There is a wide range of new skills required for e-commerce. Figure 4.25 gives an indication of typical roles within an e-commerce team, placed within a customer-lifecyle-based structure. Each grouping of roles is placed in a dotted box which indicates the other teams this group needs to work with, or potentially where in the organisation or outside this work is completed. For example, e-CRM activities such as e-mail marketing could be potentially undertaken in a particular business unit or country. Similarly, many activities of development planning and implementation can be completed within IT or a specialist agency.

Affiliate specialist

Development: implementation

Web designer

Customer service also within retention

Web analytics

Commercial anaylst

Affiliate specialist

Sponsorship specialist

Online PR speclallst

Development: implementation

Web designer

Web developer (or programmer)


Creative designer or consultant

Content management

Business, Country mar keting

Content creator or editor



Customer service also within retention

Web analytics

Commercial anaylst


IT or hosting company

Services level manager

Figure 4.25 Typical structure and responsibilities for a large e-commerce team

Source: E-consultancy (2005)

For the skills indicated in Figure 4.25 it may be more efficient to outsource some skills. These are some of the main options for external suppliers for these Internet marketing skills:

1 Full-service digital agency.

2 Specialist digital agency.

3 Traditional agency.

4 In-house resource.

When deciding on supplier or resource, suppliers need to consider the level and type of marketing activities they will be covering. The level typically ranges through:

1 Strategy

2 Analysis and creative concepts

3 Creative or content development

4 Executing campaign, including reporting analysis and adjustment

5 Infrastructure (e.g. web hosting, ad-serving, e-mail broadcasting, evaluation).

Options for outsourcing different e-marketing activities are reviewed in Activity 7.1.

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