Based on the case study and your own research on competitors, summarise the strategic approaches which have helped achieve success online.

4 The situation review will include assessing internal resources and assets, including the services available through the existing web site. External analysis will involve customer demand analysis, competitor benchmarking and review of the macro-environment SLEPT factors.

5 Strategy formulation will involve defining a company's commitment to the Internet; setting an appropriate value proposition for customers of the web site; and identifying the role of the Internet in exploiting new markets, marketplaces and distribution channels and in delivering new products and services. In summary:

• Decision 1: Market and product development strategies

• Decision 2: Business and revenue models strategies

• Decision 3: Target market strategy

• Decision 4: Positioning and differentiation strategy (including the marketing mix)

• Decision 5: Multi-channel distribution strategy

• Decision 6: Multi-channel communications strategy

• Decision 7: Online communications mix and budget

• Decision 8: Organisational capabilities (7S)

Advertising With Circulars

Advertising With Circulars

Co-op Mailing means that two or more businesses share in the cost and distribution of a direct mail campaign. It's kind of like having you and another non-competing business split the cost of printing, assembling and mailing an advertising flyer to a shared same market base.

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